Wednesday, February 12, 2014

2014 Color Palette

Pantone sets the color palette for artists and designers worldwide.  Many people shop for fashion, accessories, cars, and home d├ęcor based on the yearly color palette predictions and suggestions made by Pantone.

We must agree color is a part of our daily lives; it has the ability to engage the eye, create an atmosphere, and provide us with the feeling of joy, excitement, and energy.

As an artist and jewelry designer, I must be aware of color predictions each year along with any season color changes as well. Truthfully I admit I tend to stay with a safe or neutral color palette in most of my jewelry designs.  Why?  Because the neutral colors will always be there, everyone tends to love them, and they play well with most all the other colors out there. 

These are the Pantone 2014 colors

Both 2014 Spring and Fall color palettes use several neutral colors; Aluminum, Cognac, Cypress, and Sand.  You can see how well they look against most all other colors.

Using my jewelry as color is a great way to accent your wardrobe.  If you're a person who loves wearing beautiful, bright and bold color clothing, a jewelry piece accented with neutral color may provide just the right amount of balance or completion to your outfit.

If you're a person who tends to wear neutral or darker colors, a bit of color in a necklace or bracelet may do the trick to finish off your look without being "too" colorful.

Don't be afraid to mix several different pieces of jewelry together, a strand of old pearls with beautiful brass or copper chains and pendants.  Maybe a set of assorted beads accented with a simple chain and bullet necklace pendant.  A strand of pearls with a strand of crystals, and don't forget doing the same with your bracelets as well...I think you get the idea.  Have fun with the jewelry you wear.  Visit for an assortment of beautiful jewelry pieces to add to your collection.  Enjoy and let the jewelry you wear bring a smile to your face.