Saturday, July 28, 2018

What's Your Word - What's My Word - What's it all about?

I’m happy to introduce “What’s Your Word” as part of my jewelry collection. 

A special bracelet, necklace, keychain or even an anklet with a special word is powerful as a daily reminder of what you want to focus on or express in your life each day. The WORD you choose will evolve over time, it’s what you want to remind yourself for this chapter of your life, it may be for a few weeks or months.

What’s Your Word bracelets, necklaces keyrings, and even anklets are a powerful and versatile platform to spread positivity for anyone looking to create meaningful connections such as;  leaders, coaches, teachers, or counselors to name a few.  Each stamped bracelet or token can be used in a variety of creative ways from team building to fundraising - the possibilities are endless.  

Here are but a few examples of how What’s Your Word pieces are inspiring communities;

Team Building – Fundraising – School Activites – Church/Youth Groups – Reunions – Coaches/Life Coaches/Counselors – Hospitals – Clubs – Special Needs Groups – Support Groups – Pet Adoption/Name Tags
The My Intent project believes there is purpose inside each of us and they want their efforts 

to encourage people to share more truth and inspiration with each other. My Intent is not a

jewelry company – they are a service project.

I, Julie Teeples, am a Certified Maker for the "What's Your Word, My Intent Project"

Honor yourself, or anyone, with a WORD of encouragement or appreciation. Because anytime is a good time to be reminded of our strength through intention.

Visit my What's Your Word for help in picking the right word for you, or someone special in your life.  I'll be happy to make your request and have it out in a few days.  Say something with your "word".