Monday, October 31, 2011

Tarnishing Metals

WILL MY BRASS JEWELRY TARNISH? Of course it will, don't let anyone tell you it won't. We can coat it with archival wax, car wax, along with tons of other agents that say it will prevent tarnish; only for a while. Let's face it, copper, brass, nickel, German silver, and sterling silver will eventually tarnish and if you live in a humid climate, your metal will tarnish much faster than normal. When it happens will depend on how you care for your jewelry.

Sure, or course, why not? Are you scared of a little tarnish? Regardless of what you do, certain metals are prone to tarnish. These metals will require a bit of maintenance on your part if you want them to retain their original shine and brightness. If not, let the metal age gracefully to the color you adore.

Maintenance? What kind of maintenance? To avoid tarnish you need to love your jewelry, you need to show it how much you care by giving it an occasional rub down, a massage with a clean soft cloth. A short quick cleaning with a rub-a-dub-dub. Keeping your metals dry, clean and occasionally buffed with a soft cloth will avoid tarnishing. If you're in a humid climate I highly recommend you maintain your jewelry by drying and cleaning often.

You can read and learn more about maintaining your metal jewelry at Oak City Gallery in the Copper and Metal Jewelry Facts section.

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