Thursday, May 24, 2012

50 Caliber Bullet Reinvented!

In June 2011 I introduced a new, original and never before seen .50 caliber bullet pendant necklaces.   Since then the design has been a sensation.  So what’s next? 

June 2012 is around the corner and I have something special to introduce again.  It’s a newly designed, never seen before; yes you’ve guessed it… .50 caliber bullet pendant.   The design is fresh, innovated, truly custom, one of a kind and the possibilities for you the customer are endless only left to your imagination.   

All designs are individually free hand drawn then hand carved onto the bullet.  I have several designs I’m introducing and have in mind but, I’m asking my customers for their ideas.  Military, sayings or logos, tribal, tattoos, initials, whatever you can think of or means something to you or someone special can become your personal one of a kind bullet pendant. 

The .50 caliber is known as the bad boy, the gun club special, the ma deuce.   It takes someone special to wear a 50.  Imagine having a .50 caliber bullet pendant which says “Semper Fi”, Navy, Army, or a fallen friends name, a place, a time, a memory….have I got your imagination working yet?  Let’s make your idea real, let me design it just for you.   

Each design is an original; priceless, no one else in the world will own one just like yours; how proud can you be to own something so special so personal, so you. 

Come back the 1st week of June 2012 or email me so I can notify you when these original, never seen in the world before .50 caliber bullets become available.


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