Friday, May 4, 2012

Is Your Bullet Jewelry Safe?

Live Bullet
The image to your left happens to be a live bullet left in someones mail box.  Not surprising to me is the fact the person who found it wanted to make a pendant out of it;  this reminded me of some recent disturbing news.

In April 2012 a high school student in Westford MA was arrested because he claimed a bullet pendant he had lost.  The police said it may be a "potential" live bullet. 

Oh please, a police officer should be able to tell if a bullet is live or has been recycled into a jewelry pendant.   Apparently they said the bullet pendant still had what the police referred to as a "firing pin" in it.  "Firing pin"; exactly what did they mean by a firing pin?  In modern terms a firing pin is considered part of the hammer; a part of a handgun or rifle, which is drawn back then striking forward onto the primer in the bullet.  The primer contains enough gun powder to ignite causing an internal explosion thrusting the bullet head into the barrel from the casing towards the intended object. 

Unfortunately the student who lost his bullet pendant and when it was found came forward to claim it,  was arrested and charged with alleged illegal possession of ammunition.  The student purchased the bullet pendant 2 years prior at a flea market thinking it was safe to wear.

It amazes me someone would consider making jewelry from bullets not knowing if they are holding a live bullet or not!  It amazes me that airport security would confiscate a pendant resembling a bullet casing, covered in crystals and bling, holes drilled through it to hold a chain, and a semi precious stone at the tip and say it may be a live bullet!  Most likely they wanted the pendant for themselves and that's why they took it...what other reason would there be?  Don't tell me air port security personnel are that stupid and untrained they cannot tell what an actual live bullet looks like, what it actually comprises of, and if it can actually be used as a bullet in a fire arm in its present condition?   All of this brings me to my point...

Don't buy bullet jewelry from someone you don't know or trust.  Ask questions, do some research, know what you're getting.  Don't have a friend or yourself think you can make safe bullet jewelry by watching a YouTube video.  If you don't shoot or own a fire arm and know nothing about bullets, then don't attempt making anything on your own.  Buy a piece of bullet jewelry from someone who knows what they are doing, be safe, don't take the chance...don't be stupid, its not worth it.

I'm a shooter, I'm trained, I own firearms, I recycle bullet casings and know what I'm doing with bullets and I've been making bullet jewelry before it became popular.  I won't hesitate answering any questions you have about my experience with bullets and safety issues.  Make sure you know what you're getting and from who...don't end up arrested like the studen at Westford MA because he didn't know. 


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  1. Julie please email me I am a beginner & have just got started with my handgun a friend gave me a 9mm black talon bullet necklace which I luv..but not sure if he made it himself..if u can help I'll email pic ty